The Puppy and the Mouse Situation


As an Entlebucher Mountain dog I’ve always expected to get some sort of job when I grow up. After all, isn’t that why we’re called working dogs? Sometimes though, the humans seem to have strange ideas about what sort of jobs that might include. Yesterday for example, I was fast asleep in the living room when one of the humans called from the kitchen – ‘seems like we have mice again’. I only half listened with one ear of course as they weren’t talking about food or toys or anything important.

The situation escalates

Later the same evening the other human tells me the mouse had come up to him while he was in the bathroom, it had literally sat on the bathroom rug, looking at him before it scurried off. I suggested that perhaps he should close the door behind him next time, but he just looked at me and replied. ‘Isn’t this your job Alfie? Perhaps you should sleep in the kitchen tonight and take care of the mice?’. I shuddered with disgust at his suggestion. I mean I’m not the sort of dog who is afraid of chipping in and doing my part for the pack, but city mice are dirty creatures and you don’t want to find yourself cornered in with a family of mice closing in on you after dark. I could perhaps imagine myself chasing them a bit and bark to scare them off, but it sounded like my human had other, bloodier, ideas.

Could I get a cat to do the business?

Thing is,  I like my food to come out of the fridge like everyone else so I might have to enlist the rodent chasing skills of one of the cats down the road to do the dirty business. It is of course a bit below my dignity to ask a cat for help, and my street creds will be ruined forever, but it can’t be helped. Its either that or admit to my humans that they’ll have to buy a mouse trap.

What do you think I should do?



  1. says

    Don’t get a cat. You’ll find yourself having to take orders from 3 animals higher up the chain. You need to stand your ground and insist on the humans lying in wait for the mouse.

  2. says

    I was more thinking along the lines of ‘borrowing’ one from our street, there’s lots of them around. But you’re right, I shouldn’t let those unreliable creatures get into our house, its bad enough with just the mouse :-)

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