Not the way I Planned Things #WordlessWednesday


Alfie in the bath tub

When my human said we were going to the pet store I was really excited. I hadn’t been there before and I was really looking forward to sniffing out some American dog toys and treats.

When we got there she let me sniff some of the isles and I picked out some meaty dog treats before heading to the till to pay up.  That’s when I realised she had lied to me.

She bought a token for a dog bath!

Can you believe it?

She tricked me! *Waggy tail*

It was our first time in a DIY doggie bath and there was lots to learn. There were instructions for how to choose your favourite shampoo, but noone told us the shampoo would mix with the water in the hose *Waggy tail*.

The end result was the same as in any bath though – I ended up horribly, squeaky clean.




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    Us humans are pretty tricky when it comes to getting little ones to bath-time! Hi neighbor, you are next to us on Wordless Wednesday and we always stop in an see our neighbors first. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

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    I hate baths- they are just a nuisance- all the water, shampoo, fuss and then the horrible smell! What’s wrong with fox poop fragrance?

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    Sorry to hear you are sporting that awful clean stench! I was lured to the store today myself only to find out I was getting my ears plucked. Let’s put it this way, if you would say I’m mad about it that would be putting it lightly!

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