Monday Mischief – Moving Dens


Talk about mischief! The humans have bought a new den (they call it a flat) that we’re all moving to tomorrow and I’m not allowed to help out with the packing and the boxes. Instead I’m being shipped off to  our friends on the country side until the move is done – I’m not impressed!

The only good thing about it all is that I’ll have plenty of time to read my buddy Snoopy’s Mischief Master Class book that arrived in the post the other day.

Did I tell you that one of my tails of mischief has made it into his book with photos and everything? I’m also really looking forward to reading about some of the other dogs’ mischief – always good to get some new ideas! Totally pawsome *Waggy tail*

What have you been up to this weekend?

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  1. Inga says

    Exciting times for you Alfie!!
    Can’t wait to hear what you think about everything, both the new den and the book!
    And of course your story has made it into the book, you being a true master of mischief and all!

  2. says

    I saw you in the book Alfie, you look Pawsome!!
    Off to the countryside while the humans move dens! That sounds amazing! Think of all the new hiding places there to find and all of the new neighbours that you’ll have to int-rooooo-duce yourself too. Sounds like you’re going to have a busy time bro!
    Can’t wait to sniff it … I’ll try really hard not to pee in your new house. *Promise*

  3. says

    How exciting that you are moving – that means new neighborhood smells and friends for you to check out! We like moving but mom lets us help out. Enjoy the book, my copy showed up the other day, love seeing myself and my friends in a real book! Have fun!

  4. says

    Hey Alfie,

    How cool that you’re off to new digs, think of all the new Mischief that awaits!!

    So happy you’ve got your Mischief book all packed to take with you Dude – Thank you so much for telling your buddies about it, you’re just so cool!! Your section in the book is awesome, you even taught me stuff I didn’t know!!

    You Rock, Good luck with the move,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. says

    Wow a move this close to Christmas?! Typist moved on the first and thougth that was too close to the day so is keeping everything crossed for you that it all goes well!


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