Monday Mischief – Three little Entlebuchers went to the Park


Rooo I met up with my little sister Bella and my little brother Bertie on Saturday *waggy tail*

The ingredients were all there for a perfect dog day:

Two seven month old puppies to teach as much mischief as I could think of.

A park full of fresh mud.

A ditch full of glorious stinky water, and finally

plenty of fresh fox poo.

It was pawsome.

Bella’s trick

Little Bella had perfected a trick of her own that she called ‘steal that stick’. She’s a clever little cookie my sister, first she gets me to do all the hard work – convincing the humans to throw the stick in the first place, then fetch it and run back, before she suddenly appears out of nowhere and grabs that stick out of your mouth. I’m so proud of her, but I wish she would stop showing me her trick all over and over! *waggy tail*

Bella and Bertie trying to catch up with me!

Bertie’s sneaky mischief

Little Bertie has turned into a more of an stealth style mischief maker. While the humans were busy chatting and playing fetch with me and Bella, he sneaked off and found a ball game of his own with some other humans. Then later, when noone was watching, he found a patch of fox poo to roll in and he looked mighty pleased with himself as he filled his mouth with mud, chewed it and swallowed.

Oh the little ones are growing up so fast, but I think they will do just fine in the mischief department! *waggy tail*

Two little scaredy cats watching me swimming

My mischief?

What? You’re wondering what mischief I was up to? I just might have jumped into that stinky water for a quick wash *Waggy tail*



  1. says

    Hmmm…mom says that sounds disgusting but I think it all sounds wonderful! What a fun time – wish I could meet up with some of my siblings but we are all over the world and there are no other GBGV’s around either. No matter, I have the best big sis in the world to hang out with so I will be ok.

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