I invented a new sniffer game today – wanna play it?


Me - bringing that ball back to safety!

Rooooo I invented the most pawsome new game earlier today, I can’t wait to tell you about it *waggy tail*

Same old ball game

Everyone knows how its the human’s job to carry the ball to the park and then its their duty to throw it as far as they can until the dog gets either too tired or too bored to continue the game.

When its time to go home, many dogs volunteer to carry the ball back to the safety of their toy box.

I used to be one of those dogs.

I used to be a good boy and carry the ball all the way home where I would dutifully drop it by my human’s feet and wait to be let into the house.

I used to do all that, until I had an idea.

Who says the fun has to stop just because you’ve left the park?

I thought I would share the rules for my new game here so that my younger siblings and other pups reading my blog can learn some new tricks.

The Rules

1. Play fetch as usual & take the ball in your mouth – ready to carry it home.

2. Walk your human home, but keep a discreet eye on him or her. You will need to act fast when their attention is diverted. Great opportunities include when their mobile woofer rings, or if they wave hello to a friend. Bad timings include when they talk to you or pick up your poop.

3. As soon as they are looking away – drop the ball under any car you might see. Beware though pups – always, always make sure the car is not growling. If its growling, that means its about to move and you might get squashed.

4. Keep walking and wag that tail a little extra – you’ve just planted a seed for an excellent sniffer game later on.

5. When you get home and the human notices that you’ve lost your ball its important that you look really, really sad. You know the look that gets you treats by the table? That’s the look we’re going for here. Switch on that sad puppy eye look and sniff around as if you’re looking for something.

6.  I can almost guarantee that you human will take you back out – prolonging the walk by valuable minutes – AND you’ll get to impress them with your super sharp sniffing skills.

I got an extra tour around the block today using this simple technique – let me know if it works for you too! *waggy tail*



  1. says

    Oh man! You are good! We don’t carry toys, though. I sometimes pick up a valuable item on the street such as a stick or milk jug and carry it forever but if it gets lost mom doesn’t care. Good work you did, though.

  2. says

    What a great idea, I will have to try! And just as a by note, where did you get that lovely ball – typist has been looking at one like that for her dog for a while!

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