Monday Mischef – Biting off a little more than I could chew


Me and *that* treat

My human had some friends over yesterday and she wanted to show them around the area where we live. I obviously volunteered to take them round the neighbourhood, so they wouldn’t get lost. Everydoggy knows how easily humans get lost when they don’t have a dog to sniff the way, and I didn’t want to risk any delays to my dinner.


After sniffing our way up and down my favourite streets for an hour or so the humans started to look a little tired so I steered them towards the nearest food place.

I was on my best behaviour the whole time – but their food took ages to arrive and I was getting bored.

Really bored.


I considered rooooooing for attention when suddenly I heard the familiar rustling of treat wrappers coming from my human’s pocket.I sat up straight and activated the drool machine in anticipation of the chewy treat and before I knew it I had wrapped my mouth around the chew bar, and started biting down to get a good chunk off – it was delicious!

As I closed my eyes to enjoy the aftertaste of my treat, I vaguely registered the human howling my name. I looked at her and saw her wrap a napkin around her finger  and she was growling at me. Whoopsy – I must have nibbled her finger by mistake when I went for the treat! It is such a puppy mistake to make that I think it could very nearly be called mischief even though I didn’t do it on purpose at all *waggy tail*

What have you been up to this weekend?

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  1. says

    I miss going to restaurants with mom, not allowed here in the US. The only time I bit mom was when I had a dead wabbit in my mouth and I would not let go. She pryed my jaws open to remove it and they clamped shut on her hand. She said she never imagined the power I had in my mouth!

  2. says

    Did she apologise for putting her hand in your mouth when you was distracted by treats?? This is not your fault my pal! OOOO although, maybe they will think you be needing practice so you will be getting lots of lovely treats!! Speaking of treats, ave you tried my noms??

  3. says

    Uh oh buddy – I hope your Mum’s finger was ok?

    I noticed that it wasn’t just a treat, it was a Dentastix!! My all time favorite treat!! I’m drooling just looking at it on the screen…. :)

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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