There is no mischief going on here…



Roooo no need for all the excitement – there is no mischief going on here.

I did not steal plums from the fruit bowl.


And if I did, it was the humans’ own fault for not taking me along to the restaurant.

Just saying! *Waggy tail*




  1. Inga says

    O Alfie, lol…. what can I add to the above???
    Except maybe that the little purple stain next to you might be a little give-away…..? :) :) :)

  2. says

    Glad to hear you are behaving (although I would expect nothing else!) However I would mischief is going on, your folks went out without you. Just saying!!

  3. says

    Hahaha….what a cute little pose that you got going on there Alfie. :) I wasn’t aware that dogs enjoyed plums at all. I guess I was wrong about that one. Hope that you find some other great things to snack on that won’t make the humans get mad.

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