Blocked IP Addresses & Get Away Cars



Rooooo you won’t believe what mischief I have to report today. This morning got off to a really bad start when I sat down by my computer to write up my weekly mischief report. I couldn’t log into my blog because my computer told me that my ip address had been blocked after they had detected a brute force attack from my ip! *waggy tail*.


I wondered briefly if I had accidentally slobbered into the keyboard when googling for wabbits, but my throughs were interrupted by the fire alarm going off! Oh my dog, my ears were hurting so much from the screeching sound all I could do was roo and run around in circles trying to escape the noise.

My human grabbed me and blocked my ears with her hands. She told me not to worry  as it was just a planned fire alarm drill so I sat quietly letting her hold down my ears (That’s how seriously she takes her job as my human by the way – she didn’t have enough hands to block her own ears!).

photo 1-1

Three Hour Fire Alarm

After what felt like a small eternity the fire alarm still hadn’t stopped so we went downstairs to ask what was going on. The man by the door said the alarm would be sounding for three hours while they did the annual check – hadn’t we read the email? My human said she had read the email but she had not seen anything about a three hour alarm session, if she had read that part – we would have been far away from here!

We rushed back into our flat and my human quickly packed a day pack, some food and water and then we ran to the car.  Our ears were ringing, and driving away from our building we could still hear the fire alarm from two blocks away. It was totally pawsome – I felt like we were bank robbers driving a get away car! *waggy tail*

Twenty minutes later we arrived at the beach and the fire alarm was all forgotten. I managed to contact my web host, explained the severity of the situation and they unlocked my ip address so I could write this post immediately.

What have you been up to this weekend?



  1. says

    Oh my goodness – that is quite the eventful day. Glad to see you’ve gotten your IP issues resolved. Hope the fire alarm testing is over by now and you’re happy again at home.

  2. Inga says

    Geez Alfie – never a dull moment in your life!!!!
    Three hours of alarm, that’s sheer torture!!
    Glad it all got sorted out, and love the picture of you chasing foam… ;-)

  3. says

    What an adventure Alfie!
    Hope you and your human had a wonderful time by the sea :-)
    We love the pic ♡ you chasing foam!
    Love from Stina *waggy tail*

    Wait a minute … My human have
    something to say to you:
    Thank you so much for the nice
    birthdaycard you and your humans sent to me:-) … really nice! It made me very happy!
    It told me all about your favourite Beach
    and your dogwalk along The Painted
    Ladies! :-) I think San Francisco is a great place … the sun, the beach … ♡
    Take care :-)
    Big HUG from Elionor

  4. says

    That’s some crazy mischief, and not the fun kind! It did lead to a trip to the beach though, so that’s a good thing! I totally freak out when I get messages like that on my computer, that I’ve never seen before and don’t understand. I’m glad you got it all ultimately resolved.

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, Alfie! My ears hurt just thinking about it! I’m so glad you weren’t home alone when the alarm went off. That might have been the case for some of the pets? Yikes! So glad you got to go to the beach.

    And the IP issue? That would’ve freaked me out too!

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