Just two cool dudes hanging out in the park



My new friend and neighbour Max is such a pawsome dude. I invited him for a walk in one of my favourite parks this weekend and we had so much fun together.

Duck for Breakfast, Anyone?

At first I thought he was a little scared of the water in the lake because he didn’t want to retrieve tennis balls with me. But then I saw him run halfway around the lake to check out some ducks and I knew what he was into – breakfast! He followed one duck across the lake before his humans managed to call him back.

Of course he was never even close to the duck – but pawsome mischief effort nontheless Max! *Waggy tail*

What have you been up to this weekend? 


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  1. says

    We went to Gramma’s on Saturday, but Sunday we mainly hung out because it was below zero all day…too cold to be outdoors much. Sounds like you found a fun new friend.

  2. says

    We cleaned the carpets this weekend and Onyxx was kind of traumatized because nothing was where it used to be. Mr. N just found it annoying that his favorite things and places were out of order.

  3. Inga says

    You and Max look great in that picture, I can see how you enjoy each others company!
    Two souls, having one, similar idea in mind, as we say in Dutch…: mischief!!
    Can’t wait to find out what your next plan is going to be ;-) !

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