The Human Olympics is Boring, Snoring! Paws up Who wants to join Team K9!



Calling Mischief on the Olympics!

If you’ve been reading my blog this weekend you know I’m caught right in the middle of the Olympics here in London. The Olympic cycling race practically whizzed past my house! I even got to supervise the security arrangements on Saturday – yes for real, check out my post from Saturday if you don’t believe me! *waggy tail*

The only problem with the human Olympics is that its so very, well, boring and predictable it makes me want to yawn. Boring enough that I want to call mischief on the organisers for lack of imagination! The humans run in a straight line, they swim in perfect unison and cycle in neat little groups.

I have a proposal to make to spice things up a little. Lets introduce a team K9 from each country – and spice up the sports a little!

Here are some of the Sports I propose we include in the next Olympics:

  • 100 meters postman race – I don’t need to explain, you get the idea!
  • 50 meter lamp posts – drink plenty of fluids!
  • Tug-of-war.  This used to be a real human Olympic sport once upon a time but I think its about time we show them how it should be done!
  • Cycle road race with canine pursuit – should speed up the times a little!
  • 20 meter swim and fetch – returning toy optional
  • Wrestling – face licking allowed
  • Fence Jump – little doggies are allowed to dig their way out
  • Javelin throw – we can keep this one as its really just a game of fetch anyway *waggy tail*

What do you say – wanna join me in team K9 at the next Olympics? Do you have any more ideas for doggie sports that should be included?

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  1. says

    Alfie I love it! AND we would get to chase sheep at the opening ceremony! What a pawsome idea! ooh, ooh, we could have a syncronised dive into the pond … biggest splash wins , or what about a ‘lead pull race’ … first person to pull their human over … OR we could race them on skates! We tie them to us and run like the wind!
    I’m going to practise now …

  2. says

    I’m IN Alfie! We could show those humans a thing or two about REAL sport! Haha!! We were watching the cycling this weekend, so maybe we saw your house as the cameras whizzed by….I’d have waved if I’d known! :)

    How about a squirrel chase? I’m pretty sure I could win that one!
    PS~ I love how your colors match the carpet your lying on! :D

  3. says

    Great ideas, Alfie!
    Molly Mae would love Swim & Fetch and yes, she would return the ball.
    “Tunneling” – Seymour PH (Dachshund) and Margie (Border Terrier mix) certainly would qualify; they’ve already tunneled out of the yard under the cement blocks once this summer.

  4. says

    Rita would totally be in for the wrestling! And also boxing. Her best friend is a boxer, so she’s picked up some moves!
    Love the cycling w/ canine pursuit idea! Not sure the cyclists would like it, but it would be very entertaining! :)

  5. says

    Your Olympics do sound like much more fun than the real ones. :)

    the brown dawgs

    PS we have had no time to watch any of the real Olympics since we are busy getting ready for the next hunt test. :(

  6. says

    Hey Alfie,

    I’d better get practicing all those events!! We could do the Decathlon – The Best Dog Wins!!

    Don’t forget to include the synchronized peeing – Cosmo and I are really good at that one!! :)

    Did you see my human family in the UK at the Cycling? They were there too…..

    Big Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

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