Hot, hot, hot


Entlebucher Mountain DogHow can it be so hot in April already? My black coat gets heated up in notime and I can only play with one, maybe two dogs before I have to break for a drink and rest in the shade. The mud has dried up as well so there is no real escape. I’m wondering if you can get baseball caps for dogs – if you can then I want one with holes for my ears to hang out on the sides. I could even imagine wearing one of those that have cans of drinks attached with a straw for drinking – that would be great!

Anyway – what I really wanted to say was that I’ve worked up the details for my photo challenge. ‘Spencer Entlebucher’ suggested ‘Friday Photo Fun’ on Facebook, and I really liked that idea but I’m changing the spelling a little to make it a little funkier! Check out the rules for Alfie’s Friday Foto Fun here – you will find out the actual theme on Friday 22nd April, so don’t forget to check back and charge your battery cameras!



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