Holiday Snaps, or why Dogs like Holidays too


I’m just back from the country side, one of my humans and I had a nice, long weekend break together. We stayed with some friends and had a great time and got really, really spoiled. In fact, we were so spoiled that I spent most of yesterday sleeping it all off.

I love the country side. There is so much more space for me to run around without being told off for breaking something. There was a really cool river that I could swim in, although the humans had to pull me out of the water as it was too deep to get back up again.

Then I chewed a massive dinosaur bone and went on lots of long and exciting walkies. I met lots of new doggie friends too. But for some reason the humans we were staying with didn’t appreciate my helping out with the gardening, I wonder why?  I was only trying to dig a little?

Puppy Socializing and Training

I had such a superb time and only afterwards did I realize that this was all super good for my puppy training too. You see, us puppies are supposed to try different things, go to new places and meet new doggies and people all the time.

Its called socializing and its really important  because as we get older, we don’t always like to try new things and can find it a bit scary and overwhelming. If you’ve experienced more fun stuff as as a puppy you become more street wise and can handle new situations more confidently.

As an example, although I’m cool with humans on bikes and shopping trolleys, I’m still not happy about skateboards, and especially not the ones that go really fast with a kid on top of it. No amount of convincing can make me go near one, at least not without barking my head off. My human is hoping that they won’t have to resort to actually buying a skateboard to get me used to them (actually that might make me laugh, seeing them trying to drive one of those!).

Alfie Entlebucher sniffing in corn field

Hiding amongst the corn was fun!

Alfie Entlebucher Morning Walk on Field

This is what I call a lovely morning walk!

Alfie Entlebucher enjoying the view\

Aaah I have the whole park, sorry I meant field, to myself!





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