Did you hear the one about the Cat who stepped into a car full of dogs? #MondayMischief


What I’m about to tell you is so unbelievable pawsome that you simply won’t believe your ears. You will say ‘yeah right Alfie, as if that would ever happen’, or ‘not another one of your dreams’.

But I swear to dog this is  a true story, it really did happen.

An ordinary Sunday

It was early Sunday morning, and Bella and I were sitting in the boot of the car, waiting for the humans to get in. They had opened all the doors to cool the temperature down a little before driving off and there was a lovely draft coming through the car.  Suddenly my food alarm went off – I could sniff something very, very familiar in the air and I leaned over and whispered to Bella.

‘Don’t look now, but there’s food at 3 o’clock.’

Bella’s nose twitched as she caught the scent.

‘I hear you bro,’ she wispered back. ‘What do we do?’

‘Nothing. We just wait for curiosity to serve us breakfast,’ I replied and wagged my tail. ‘Whatever you do, do not bark’.

We were so still and quiet the humans nearly caught on to our plan. We didn’t move a muscle, just starred at the open car door and willed the food to step inside. Just as my drool hit the floor, the neighbourhood cat stepped gingerly into the car, and slowly started crawling towards the back seat. I think it might have caught a whiff of Bella’s dog treats, but is sure as woof didn’t see us dogs in the boot *waggy tail*.

The cat was so close I could almost taste it, when one of the humans scooped it up and put it back on the ground. Bella and I roo’d with disappointment and the cat ran away  - happy to have escaped our ambush.

Who do you think was up to most mischief? The cat? The humans? The dogs? *Waggy tail*

(My human has asked for me to mention that the cat was never in any real danger – but I’m pretty sure I could have reached it through the bars if the humans hadn’t caught it first!)

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  1. says

    My cat bro Bert would pull a dumb move like that – he has no fear of dogs…some cats are just suicidal I think! Great mischief!

  2. says

    Oh that is one crazy kitty! She needs to be careful – you and Bella wouldn’t really have meant her any harm but not every dog is as good as you are.

  3. says

    Hmmm, good question Alfie…for sure it was not you and Bella…you were totally innocent…I mean who could turn down a snack that just walked right up to you ? I think it was the hoomins for spoiling your fun!

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