Can you help Handsome Hayden find a New Home?


Can you Help Hayden find his Forever Home?

Say hello to Hayden. He a cool and handsome three year old Staffie chap who was found wandering the streets of London one whole year ago.  Since then, and that is ten dog years for those of you who are counting, he’s made lots of friends over at Battersea Dog and Cats home, but so far none has adopted him.

The average stay for dogs at Battersea is 48 days but some, like Hayden, stay much longer. Jenny Dugdale, Team Leader at Battersea says:

“We can’t understand why Hayden’s been here for so long, but there’s no time limit on how long dogs stay with us. He’s such a handsome boy and is really eye catching with his unusual markings.

Hopefully someone will fall for him soon as he really does deserve to find a loving new family.”

Hayden is a fun and bouncy boy who likes to keep himself busy. He is looking for active owners who can share his zest for life. Hayden says he would love to move in with humans who love long walkies as much as he does. He would also make a good running companion. Hayden is friendly with dogs when he’s out and about, but he would rather be the only dog in the house. Hayden says he may be able to live with a cat though.

To find out more about adopting Hayden contact Battersea on 020 7627 9234 or email



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