I think I might be a genius. It is just incredible how quickly I taught my humans to give me treats in return for a plain ‘sit’ or ‘down’! Today, they even gave me cheese for the effort. I reckon if I keep this up, by Christmas they will be giving me the entire turkey if I just do a couple of the dog tricks from the book they bought.

So, its all going well here in my new home, but there is still a tiny little problem you might be able to help me with. You see, I really, really like to nip and chew my humans hands and legs (and boots and trousers!) but they don’t seem to appreciate my games at all. Its quite funny really, sometimes they pretend to yelp like puppies and sometimes they just yell ‘no’. That just gets me even more excited about the game and now I’m a bit confused because they seem a little angry at me at the same time as they make all these funny noises. Are there any dogs out there who can give me some advice?
Over and out for this time, I think I need a snooze before the night shift starts…


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