Having a Little too Much Fun #MondayMischief


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Rooo I went to Ocean Beach this weekend and it was totally pawsome. Miles of sandy dunes just waiting to be sniffed and explored, and more water than I’ve ever seen in my life. I was running up and down along the beach, chasing the ball and going for a swim too.

I hadn’t realised just how salty the water was though – when we got home I felt really, really sick and I couldn’t help but throw up in the sofa.

And on the rug.

And again.

I felt real ruff and didn’t even want dinner that night and slept in late the following day and finally felt better by midday.

Now my humans are trying to think up ways to stop me from drinking salty water when going to the beach – got any tips? *Waggy tail*



  1. says

    Whoops! Silly Alfie – Mama uses salt to help us throw up when we’ve eaten something we shouldn’t, so we’re not surprised you tossed your cookies. When we go to the beach, Mama brings flavoured water and offers it to us frequently to keep us from drinking the salt water. It doesn’t always work :/

  2. Inga says

    Oops – but you’ve been to the beach back in England a couple of times, didn’t you Alfie? And knowing you, you’ve probably had a sip or two there as well – how weird that you didn’t get sick then?!
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better bow!!

  3. says

    Hi Alfie!
    I can understand you had a great time with all that water! Take care … Glad to hear you feeling better!
    Our Stina doesn’t like getting wet but she loves to eat my lip salve :-)
    Hugs from Elionor and Lasse

  4. says

    We lived on the North Sea Coast in Germany, so we started drinking salt water as pups and never had a problem, but the guest dogs always got the runs and puked. Most dogs learn their lesson after a time or two, but it is a problem for sure!

  5. says

    Glad you feel better Alfie. Our people don’t let us drink pond water either.

    They try to make sure to give is small amounts of water before we get too thirsty from running.

    the brown dawgs

  6. says

    Oh noes, I tried the water at the beach yesterday but I didn’t like it so only lapped a little bit. Maybe you’ve learnt your lesson now and won’t do it next time

  7. says

    Well, it was lots of fun up until the puking though, wasn’t it, Alfie? :) Our dogs aren’t lucky enough to get to go to the ocean, so I don’t know. I wonder if your stomach would get more used to it after you had been there a few times?

  8. says

    Oops. That’s a hard lesson learned, little one. But I bet you’ve learned it once and for all and I’m not sure your hu-folk need to worry about it for future trips. It seems *most* dogs learn that lesson on their own and don’t make the same mistake twice.

    Keeping fresh water on hand may help but I’m thinking this is one dogs need to learn on their own. :/

  9. says

    Typist takes plenty of fresh water with her and if her dog tries to drink the water says “no” and tries to take his attention with something else until she can offer him the fresh water. She took him to play in the Atlantic this summer was very funny, her and her bloke took a ball and the two of them spent the entire time kicking the football and retrieving it from the sea while her dog looks at them like they were crazy!

  10. says

    I love (LOVE) the beach, but maybe not the water part. It looks like fun, but it keeps moving at me when I get too close to it. Sorry you got too sick from it.

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