Does this look like the Face of a Ball Thief to You?


Can I keep this one too please?

Roooo my humans are calling me a ball-o-holic and a ball thief.

I think they’re talking rubbish – you know me, I’m a nice pup. I would never steal anything!

But just to be sure, let me run you through a little scenario and you can tell me what you think.

Ball thief – or super hero?

Imagine a dog park full of happy bouncy dogs. Everyone is playing fetch with their toys, or games of chase with their buddies and there’s happy, waggy tails all around.

Then your nose picks up an irresistible scent, and it leads you to an unattended, lonely tennis ball on the ground. It looks really sad and abandoned and it smells delicious so you pick it up and invite it for a game of fetch. Then you quickly run over to the humans so they can throw it.

Does that make you a ball thief? I don’t think so.

So what if it happens four or five times during a walk.  So what if we have a whole carrier bag full of soggy, muddy tennis balls in the back seat of our car. I can’t help that I have a superior nose and a kind heart – I can’t just leave them out there in the cold!

The way I look at it I’m practically doing the balls a favour, rescuing them from a homeless life in the park – but apparently my humans are tired of bringing home strays and have started calling me a ball thief *Waggy tail*

What do you think pups – am I a ball thief, or a rehoming hero?



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  1. says

    You can never have too many tennis balls and if someone was careless enough to leave one behind, finders keepers, losers weepers.

  2. says

    If you are a dog thief then your humans are accomplices as they take the balls back home with you. And since I’m sure they aren’t copping to being accomplices, you are NOT a ball thief. You are recycling. Excellent job Alfie. ~Cooper the cattledog

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