More Hayfever – More Eyedrops


I’ve been having problems with hayfever all summer. When the sun is out and the air is dry, my eyes get really red and itchy. But then as soon as there’s a bit of rain my eyes feel much better again. The vet told me its all getting worse because we live in the city and the pollution apparently makes all allergies worse both for dogs and humans.

Itchy Eyes

Last week I figured out that if I rub my eyes with my paws they stop itching for a bit. My humans didn’t like the look of that so they took me to the vets again to get some more eye drops. I got another round of Maxitrol eye drops and Piriton antihistamin tablets – and my eyes are already feeling much better. I’m hoping that by the end of this course autumn will be on its way and the pollen out of the air.

We learned that allergies tend to start when puppies are around six months old and peak when we get 1.5 years old – I’m hoping it doesn’t mean my allergies will get worse next summer. Apparently it could potentially spread to the rest of my skin and make me itchy all over.  If that happens, then I’ll have to take some tests to figure out exactly what it is that causes the allergy.



  1. says

    It’s tough little pal. I get eczema and it really isn’t nice when it itches. I have to avoid lying down on anything that isn’t warm and soft!

  2. winston entlebucher says

    I have had eye problems too! I think that My humans rubbed the some stuff in my eyes to help. I can’t remember the exact name but boy did it feel good! I am going for a checkup today actually to see if the vet thinks I need more treatment. I sometimes have such red eyes and I rub them with my front legs.

    • says

      The eyedrops I’m getting really help but I still don’t like being held still while the humans drop them into my eyes! Hope your checkup goes ok today!

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