A Dog’s Quick Guide to Nose Work


First you sniff...

Then you find it!

Then you shake it!

My human and I shot these photos for the Daily Dog Challenge - the theme this time around was “See What I Can Do” - Does your dog have a hidden talent? Is he or she really good at something? Silly or realistic, show us what your dog can do.

Some of my friends in the photo challenge have some real talents like balancing dog biscuits on their nose and playing the piano, but I decided that I wanted to show off my good nose!

While I was sniffing, my human played around with different depth of field settings, compositions and angles and things and crawled around on the ground to get these shots. I didn’t have the heart to tell her what I could sniff on the ground around her! *waggy tail*

What is your doggie’s talent?



  1. says

    That is really really cute! Good work! Kelly has a talent for finding snakes in the yard and shaking them around like that. But I don’t have a good picture of it, because I’m usually running away screaming.

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