Why a Dog Should never trust a Cute Girl in the park


I met this really cute puppy girl at the park. She had long, brown legs and soft dangly ears. She was wearing a red harness and she smelled lovely. I think I fell in love the moment I saw her.

I invited her for a game of chase and she was real fast. We ran around our humans for a bit and  then suddenly things started to go wrong. What’s a poor dog to do, when a cute girl behaves like this? I need some advice please!

Alfie Entlebucher and friend

I met a cute girl in the park

Alfie runs with frisbee

I invited her to a game of chase

Alfie Entlebucher playing with friend and frisbee

I dropped my frisbee in all the excitement

Alfie Entlebucher's friend steals his frisbee

And she stole it! My human had to take it back...





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