Diggin’ me some peanut butter sandwiches #MondayMischief


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Roooo I took my human to a really pawsome beach the other day – and it was one of those pawfect days, you know with blue skies, lots of space for running and a bouncy ball to play fetch with.

Watermarked Image4But then my ball went missing!

Watermarked Image1I couldn’t find it anywhere!

Watermarked Image2It was definitely gone!

Watermarked Image6But that was okay because I met a new friend – a one year old Beagle/Boxer cross. I taught him some moves before my human said it was time for lunch.


I was real hungry after all the running – and I was not impressed when my human said the peanut butter sandwich was for her!

I decided to dig a real big hole right there and then. So I turned my bum towards her to show what I thought about her mean sandwich ideas and started scooping up sand with my paws.

Then I learned something new. Apparently humans don’t like food with sand in it! *Waggy tail*

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