Beautiful Cleo is waiting patiently for her Forever Home – can you help?


Can you help Cleo find a home?

My human has always been a supporter of various dog charities and before they bought me last year, she used to volunteer as a dog socialiser at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She has told me a lot about the beautiful doggies she met there, so when she asked if she could use my blog to help them find their forever homes I had to say yes.

Meet Cleo – more than just a pretty face!

First out is Beautiful Cleo who has been at the dog’s home for over a year now. The Dog’s Home describe Cleo as their very own Cleopatra – who has the beauty and brains of the original, and certainly shares her famous nose! I have to agree she is a good looking girl *waggy tail*. She is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and her markings look like dramatic eyeliner, and her coat is so white she must have been bathing in milk. Okay, we’re getting carried away here but you get the idea – she is gorgeous!

In September, Cleo had been at Battersea for a year. Most dogs stay for just 48 days before they find a new home, but there is luckily no time limit on how long they can stay.

When I heard Cleo’s story I got real angry – her owner had seen her advertised on classified ad website Gumtree, bought her, and only kept her 24 hours before deciding to give her up. Cleo clearly wasn’t given a chance, as anyone who spends time with her falls in love with her and wouldn’t want to lose her.

Three year old Cleo is now queen of the kennels at Battersea. She is a friendly dog and has doggy friends in all the kennels, and is a well-known face to staff and volunteers, who she greets as she walks around Battersea.

Gemma Walton who has been caring for Cleo in Battersea’s kennels for several months says: “I don’t understand how Cleo has been with us for so long, as she is a brilliant dog. She is very good with other dogs, and she’s affectionate and very well behaved. She is just waiting for the right owner to come along, and when they do, they will get a truly wonderful dog.

Who’s a clever girl!

“Cleo is a very skilled dog, who knows lots of commands, including “sit” and “on your bed”. She is also very good at agility, which is a dog obstacle course, and she can often be seen enjoying the agility course at Battersea. Wow – sounds like Cleo is a real fun girl! Cleo is looking for an experienced home in a very quiet location so she doesn’t get distracted during her training. She should be happy to be left for short periods if she is provided with something to do.

If you think you can offer Cleo a loving home, or if you have any questions, please contact Battersea’s Rehoming team on 0207 627 9234 or



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    Cleo sounds adorable and I hope she finds a home soon, I have just Tweeted it out so you never know it might help. Beautiful blog by the way :0)

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