Monday Mischief – Want My Pawprint?


They are not stealing any toys on my watch!

A Bone To Pick

Rooo I have a real bone to pick with some local culprits – actually, its more like a whole bag full of bones. *waggy tail*

Let me tell you the story from the beginning!

When my humans came back from holiday last week the she-human couldn’t bear the thought of leaving me home alone, so she brought me along to work.

You might remember that she works in a dog shop and I sometimes help her out at the till?

Anypaw – I was on my best behaviour all morning, and on her lunch break she took me to the butchers so I could pick out some chewbones. I got a whole bag full of meaty chew bones – they smelled absolutely pawsome and I kept my nose pushed tight against the plastic bag all the way back to the shop, where she put the bag inside the fridge to stay cool until home time.

Sleepy head

The afternoon dragged on, and I think I might have drifted off to sleep inbetween customers – so when it was time to leave we had both forgotten about the fridge full of bones.

The next morning I barked at my human to remind her that I would be waiting for the bones all day, and she promised she wouldn’t forget them again. As she locked up and left for work, I snuggled up under my blanket and snored as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Serious Mischief

She knew something was wrong as soon as she arrived at work – the sign wasn’t outside, and the door was closed. Heart racing, she spotted the window next to the door had been smashed and there was broken glass everywhere.

She walked inside and saw her boss and a couple of colleagues looking really upset, it looked like they’d been doing that strange salty water thing the humans do with their eyes when they’re sad.

That’s when she spotted the mess behind the counter and in the kitchen and she realised the shop had been broken into over night!

The Police

The police came, and turned everything upside down a second time, looking for evidence and finger prints and some such. They didn’t bring any police dogs, but the man looking for prints went through everything in great detail.

The burglars had even gone through the fridge in their efforts to find money – and all the human food was out on the floor. I have no idea how my buddy Archie could stop himself from eating it all, but I guess he was still in shock when the police was there. My human looked at the officer doing his job, and she says it was just like in the movies.

Suddenly the police man called out and asked for my human. Turns out that one place they managed to find any useable finger prints was on my bag from the butchers! My human was asked to leave her paw prints so they could compare them to the prints on the bag, exclude them and find the real culprit. But the bag itself, bones and all, was declared evidence! She did ask if they wanted my nose and pawprints too, but apparently they don’t keep that sort of information on file. Strange really, knowing that every dog’s nose  print is completely unique *Waggy tail*

Roooooooo – is that mischief or what? *waggy tail*

I’ve learned my lesson and will never leave my bones unattended again.

And I suggested to my human that they might want to hire me for security, I could look after the toy section. My job application is still being processed *waggy tail*

PS. My human asked me to mention that although the burglars did cause a lot of damage and stole some cash, everyone is safe and sound *waggy tail*
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  1. says

    That is a major bummer getting robbed! Who robs a pet store, a bank maybe but unless you are a dog, why a pet shop? Hope they catch the criminal and hope you get another bag of those bones you have your chompers set on!

  2. says

    We are glad you weren’t there Alfie. We know you are a great watch doggie, but robbers can be big meanie heads. Just look what they did to your precious bones!

    the brown dawgs

  3. Inga says

    Phew… that’s one ‘bone-chilling’ story to start the day with!!
    Glad that everyone is ok, and boy, those thugs certainly don’t stand a second chance with you guarding the toys!!

  4. says

    Ohhhh myyyyyyy that is so scary!! First, I am so happy that everyone is safe and that no one was hurt…but I feel sooooooo bad about your BONES!! hope your Mom goes and gets you a HUGE bag full!

  5. says

    Oh Alfie,

    That’s just terrible – I feel so bad for everyone – I’m glad they’re all safe!

    I’m also very concerned about your bag go bones – have you got them back yet or do they still have them? Will you be getting counseling for this trauma – and of course a big replacement bag? :)

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. says

    I am so so pleased to hear that everything is safe and sound that must have been a horrible experience!!!

    And onto the worset news your bones were taken, if you will let me have your address (you can email it to as I fink you may not want to tell the whole world by putting it here!! ) I will put some of my bones in the post for you so that you will not be starved and they may make up a little bit for the horridness of it all!

    You can even share em round the office when you is next in, although two legs do not seem as keen on my bones, but the fought is there!

    • says

      Rooo Dalton, now that put an extra wag in my tail! You’re a real pawsome pal, understanding how precious those bones were to me! *waggy tail* I’ll get my typist to contact you straight away , and of course I’ll share with Archie (he can have the wrappers!) *waggy tail*

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