Where’s My Cake then?


It was my humans birthday this weekend and of course we all spoiled her rotten. I gave her a big slobbery kiss in the morning, followed by a pair of old socks. Then I helped her shred all the gift wrapping paper *waggy tail*.

My other human, the male one, gave her something for her computer which she looked really happy about. Apparently its a sort of pen for drawing but it didn’t look any good for chewing so I wasn’t too interested.

Birthday Walk

Then later in the day my sisters Bella & Bonnie came to visit and we had planned for a special birthday walk in the rain. I thought my human would be extra pleased with so much mud and water on her special day so I told my sisters to splash a little extra in all the mud puddles.

Bella had told her human to bake a birthday cake too. And boy did it look pawsome! It was so big, and it smelled so pawsome that my human said I couldn’t be trusted alone in the kitchen with it.

Of course I know the rules…no eating of human food…..while they’re watching!

So I waited until they left for the evening and then I snuck into the kitchen – only to find that she had hidden the cake in the oven!

That is so unfair, and I had to settle with a packet of dry tortilla bread that I found on the counter. I was not impressed *Waggy tail*

What have you been up to this weekend?

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  1. says

    I’d be pretty bummed, too, if I didn’t get to enjoys some cake! My Cairns got baths today, which they did NOT enjoy. At least they aren’t stinky anymore. I think that’s what they’re sad about – they like the fishy smell they get from the lake. Happy Birthday to your human!

  2. Inga says

    In the oven….. that’s exactly where my mom tried to hide the cookies from me when I was young!
    I feel for you Alfie!

  3. says

    Such a cute story. I hide things in the microwave, that way I can’t forget about them. Have a fantastic week and a great day. We are experiencing Fall weather here, it feels absolutely wonderful.

  4. says

    Happy belated birthday to your human! Our house rule is that Mom doesn’t mess with our cakes and treats and we don’t mess with hers. It works for us.

  5. says

    Happy Birthday to your hoomin Alfie…that is a very cute cake and you should have gotten at least a little sliver to taste…Not so sure about those dry tortillas though…maybe with a little taco filling?

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