Black and White Sunday – Reflection


Look into my eye...


Join the Sunday Black and White Blog Hop

This new and exciting bloghop is sponsored by You Did What With Your Weiner,  My Life in Blog Years ​and Dachshund Nola.

Want to join the hop? Just follow the rules below, click on the link below and connect your post.

1) Please ONLY SUBMIT A PHOTO. Black and White Sunday was created as a way to give bloggers a break from writing and to connect with more bloggers by not having to read through an entire blog post. If you MUST include text, please keep it to a bare minimum (preferably a sentence or two).

2) Please only submit a black and white photo (no color). The goal is to get people to try something different and step outside of their comfort zone.

3) Right click and copy the badge . Paste it into your post so others know that you are participating in the hop.



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