Celebrating a Dog’s Birthday in style

Two dogs greeting

Archie and I

I went to my very first dog birthday party today. My friend Archie turned 1 and threw his party at the Windmill Cafe in Wimbledon Park. Some of my best friends were invited and I met some new buddies too. We spent some time sniffing each other’s butts and wrestling, before getting on to the more important matters of food.


Dog Cupcakes and Dog cookies with dog food in them

Cakes for Doggies

Dog Birthday cake and dog cupcakes!

Archie’s humans had brought lots of home made goodies – there was the obligatory dog birthday cake, chocolate chip cookies and even dog cupcakes. I caught my humans glancing at the cakes expectantly a couple of times but my keen nose had spotted the exact ingredients straight away and I realised it was all for us dogs.

The humans were a little surprised to find out that the cupcakes had sausages in them and that the chocolate in the choc chip cookies was in fact dog kibble. The icing on the cake was cream cheese and it was full of delicious dog food! It was simply amazing and we all filled our bellies to the max and walked all over the table while the humans looked on jealously.

Here’s a video and some photos from the day: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ds9VFJTSieI


Dogs eating dog birthday cake

Eating Birthday Cake

Entlebucher Dog eating birthday cake and licking his mouth

Finishing my cake

Archie's Dog Birthday cake with cream cheese icing

It's MY cake and MY gift...



  1. Inga says

    Wow, that’s a really fantastic B-day party! The food looks great and you must have had a terrific time!
    We also went to a B-day party this afternoon, because Onno turned 56 today. So he’s a little bit older than Archie…. ;-)
    We also had some wonderful cake and snacks, but we don’t have such great pictures or video’s as you have on your new blog!

    What a nice way to spend a sunday afternoon, isn’t it?!

  2. says

    WOW!!! It looks really nice Alfie. What a birthdayparty!!!
    So nice birthdaytable and it looks to me that the food was great as well!!!
    Thank you for sharing that great birhdayvideo!!!
    Hugs to you Alfie!!!

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