Belly full of Food #MondayMischief


Alfie in training - balancing that biscuit on his nose

If you read my blog on Friday, you will have heard my pawsome news – I’m taking my pack to San Francisco.

I was really looking forward to the move until I heard the humans talking about what they can and cannot bring along across the pond. Apparently they’re selling the car, and giving away the TV as it won’t work over there – but more impawtantly, we can’t bring our food! Rooo what do they mean we can’t bring our food? That’s terrible!

Alfie in training - not allowed to grab the dog biscuit


The Big Food Plan

I immediately made some plans. You won’t be surprised they involve counter surfing and me eating everything I can get my paws on? *Waggy tail* Can’t leave any crumbs behind, I’m gonna eat all the food before we leave this house.

So far this week I’ve got my paws on the following:

  • A bowl of cherry tomatoes
  • One bag of dog biscuits
  • 2 Kiwi fruits
  • One loaf of bread
  • One chocolate bar with nuts

What do you think of my plan? *waggy tail*

PS. The photos were taken this week when my human decided to torture train me *waggy tail*.

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  1. says

    If you have worries, Alfie, ask me as I have made the move across the pond. When you get here you will find so many huge pet stores with tons of food and snacks. You will never go hungry here! Don’t eat yourself sick before you get here ;)

  2. says

    Alfie! This is the best news ever!!! You’ll be able to get Jones Natural Chews here!!! You’re going to love them! Have the pawrents let me know when y’all arrive and I’ll send you a house warming dog gift!

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