The Battle of the Humans’ bed


Yesterday was one of my humans’ birthday and I thought I’d surprise him with the best gift I could think of – A Big Entlebucher Mountain Dog cuddle in bed!. There was only one problem with that idea, as you know my humans have never allowed me in their bed. The other human had just taken me out for my morning walkies, and when we came back to the house, she made some coffee and went back to bed. So there they were, just  the two of them in bed chatting about his birthday celebrations, leaving me unsupervised on the floor.

I seized the chance immediately – one giant leap over her back landed me snuggly between the two of them. A quick roll over placed me in a perfect belly rub position whilst still allowing me to lick both their faces. I think they were too surprised to tell me off – they just rubbed my belly and it was amazing to be in the middle of all attention in THEIR bed! Boy it was so soft, clean and comfy.

Now, of course I wondered just how this would develop. Would I get to move out of my crate at night time to sleep at their feet? Would they even let me in under their duvet? My imagination was running wild, but it turns out I’m still sleeping in my crate at night, but I think I might have a small window of opportunity in the mornings when they are still sleepy and less vigilant to jump up and share their bed.

And that, all puppies and dogs out there, is the moral of this story – you must find your humans weaknesses and use them to your advantage. Perhaps your humans fall asleep in the sofa whilst watching TV? A golden opportunity right there. Perhaps they leave food out on the counter top – its practically an open invite to share their food. Just keep your eyes open and the opportunities will present themselves! Happy Tails.





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    Yes I took it in stages. I now get to get under the duvet at 5am every morning and have the last hour snuggled up to my Mistress. Isn’t it just a great feeling to be between both of them having all the attention? I love it.

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    Wohoo, thank you again Carrie – I will treasure my award and choose some new winners shortly :-)

    I spent ages looking for a good captcha thingy, I really don’t like the standard ones where you can never really figure out what the text is supposed to read. Anyway, I found this WordPress plugin called Text Captcha, by Troy Vitullo, you can set your own questions or let it give your readers maths questions. I disabled the maths straight away of course :-)

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