Help Battersea’s Dogs Stay Warm this Winter – Knit a Dog Jumper or Donate Blankets


Cilla loves her warm knitted jumper

The temperatures are dropping here in London and although the sun is shining, its really quite cold. As a Mountain Dog I love the cold temperatures, but I know not all dogs are lucky enough to have a thick warm coat like mine, or a cozy bed to curl up in at night. So I wanted to let you know about a campaign where you can help dogs who are waiting for their new forever homes feel warm and cozy in their kennels.

Knit a Dog Coat or Donate Warm Blankets

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home have launched an urgent appeal for cosy, warm bedding to help keep its dogs warm as the temperature plummets.

The dogs are also being wrapped up in hand knitted sweaters crafted by supporters. One puppy grateful for her new jumper is Cilla, the three month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who was found abandoned in a box in a park two weeks ago.

Claire Porteous, Operations Manager at Battersea explains:

“Here at Battersea our staff and volunteers are doing everything we can to keep our dogs and cats warm as the temperatures drop.

We’ll be using thick bedding, knitted blankets and coats to keep the dogs and cats snug, but we are always incredibly grateful for donations of bedding and dog coats at this time of year.”

The Home would be grateful for dog or fleece blankets, warm bedding or fleece dog coats, and anyone wishing to donate can bring their items to one of Battersea’s three sites in London, Old Windsor or Brands Hatch, or post them to: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, 4 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4AA

Want to help?

If your human is crafty and knows how to knit, then here is one site with lots of free dog knitting patterns and this site has lots of free knitting patterns for dog coats.

Or you could buy a blanket and ask for it to be delivered to the address above (this link takes you to where I’m an affiliate and get a small share of each sale. If you buy a blanket for Battersea Dog Home, I will donate any money I make directly back to the charity so they can buy even more blankets!) *waggy tail*

More dogs like Cilla at Battersea's Dog Home would love to have their own warm jumpers knitted...




  1. says

    Hey Alfie,

    That’s such a cool idea – I only wish I could knit buddy!! :) Or that I lived closer and I could bring some blankets over…..

    I hope they get lots of warm snuggly stuff,

    Your pal Snoopy :)


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