Help a Battersea Dog Enjoy This Easter


Woof! I'm Tommy. Could you adopt a little puppy like me?

Just as families all over the country enjoy hunting for Easter eggs next weekend Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is holding its first ever Easter egg hunt for its 450 dogs and 150 cats, with a cat nip and yoghurt flavoured egg for its feline residents and a carob flavoured treat for the dogs. *Waggy tail*

Chocolate is very dangerous for dogs but these Easter eggs have been made especially for animals’ sensitive stomachs and are designed to entice their taste buds. To ensure that every animal gets a treat this Easter Battersea is appealing to supporters to donate an Easter egg.

Roo – I remember when my human’s thought I’d eaten a whole chocolate bunny – they panicked before they realised I had only hidden it underneath the sofa! *waggy tail*

Carlton Spears, Operations Manager at Battersea said:

“With Easter around the corner we really hope that we get enough treats so that all our animals can join in the fun. The team here will hide pieces of carob flavoured egg in a paddock for our dogs to sniff out and our cats will explore their pens for pieces of cat nip and yoghurt flavoured eggs. It’s a great way to mentally stimulate our residents.”


Below are some of the residents hoping that the Easter Bunny will help them find their Easter eggs this spring.


  • Tommy is a beautiful three month old puppy who really loves people and cuddles. An Easter egg hunt will be a new exercise for Tommy which means that this Mongrel will enjoy using her newly found skills to explore the paddock for every little morsel of egg.
  • Sian is showing no signs of nerves for our Easter hunt. With her amazing training and great sense of smell she will find her pieces of egg in no time. As a young Cane Corso cross she is really intelligent and will enjoy running around the paddock before seeking some fuss and congratulations from her handler.

    Hi I'm Sian - Can I come and live with you?

This Easter Battersea is appealing for people to consider a rescue dog or cat, or buy the Home’s current residents a present. To donate a present, visit

If you think you can give a Battersea animal a loving new home please contact 0207 627 9234 or email



  1. says

    An Easter egg hunt for dogs and cats sounds like so much fun. I wish somebody would do that here. Maybe out on my trails for me and all my trail dog friends.

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