Got Balls? Bouncy Tennis Balls Wanted By Battersea’s Dogs


Calling all Tennis (ball) Lovers

Alright, so I’m a ball-o-holic and any press release with the word ball in it is likely to get my attention.

But this time the balls are not for me.

The clever doggies over at Battersea Dog Home have asked if they could have any old tennis ball you might have lying around this tennis season.

You see, while they are waiting for their new forever homes, the 450 canine residents go through thousands of balls every year – and that’s a lot of balls!

Can the Wimble-Dogs Help?

Battersea’s dogs are hoping Murray’s Border Terrier Maggie May and Djokovic’s Poodle Pierre can encourage tennis lovers to donate balls to the charity. Maggie May and Pierre are two of the exclusive “Wimble-dogs” set, alongside Maria Sharapova’s Pomeranian Dolce and Venus Williams’ Havanese Harold.

Battersea’s dogs are hoping Maggie May and Pierre will be able to help highlight their plea for tennis balls, as they both have Twitter accounts, with over 8,000 followers between them.

I might not be famous but I’d like to help out too! So if you’re a doggie with a Twitter account, please share this post with all your furry friends! *waggy tail*

To buy a tennis ball online for a Battersea dog please visit

How to Donate Old Tennis Balls to Battersea’s Dogs

Tennis balls don’t have to be Centre Court standard to be enjoyed at Battersea, and tennis fans can donate new or unwanted balls at any of the charity’s three centres in London, Old Windsor or Brands Hatch. The charity is hopeful that tennis lovers will donate their old balls when they lose their spin or get a bit worn around the edges. (I wonder if the doggies mind if I chew the balls first? )

Richie, one of Battersea's Dogs in my idea of doggie heaven!


Richie the one year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of Battersea’s tennis-loving dogs who would adore a new ball. He arrived as a stray in February, and he loves to chase and play with his tennis ball. Carlton adds: “Tennis balls are one of the most popular toys here at Battersea – our dogs can’t get enough of them. Richie has been with us for 100 days today, and a fun tennis ball game is one way we help keep him happy and busy while he waits to find a new home.”

To buy a tennis ball online for a Battersea dog please visit

Don’t forget to hit that ‘Tweet Button’, and help my buddies over at Battersea get some much deserved toys to play with *waggy tail*




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