Alfie is Feeling Better – but he really wants a game of fetch


Bouncing back to health

Its Linda here behind the keyboard again, back to give you an update on Alfie after his accident with the stick. First of all I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s reached out to wish Alfie a speedy recovery – he is one very lucky dog with so many friends around the world!

Alfie is a real trooper and there is not much that  can faze him. His energy levels, and pain threshold are so high that he needs to be really, really sick before you can notice it. That’s why it was terrifying to see him in so much pain last Sunday – because if he is showing any signs of pain,  then its real bad.

Keeping Alfie Quiet

The vet told us to keep Alfie quiet for two weeks, and he was not allowed to get any sand in his mouth or go swimming to avoid getting any more bacteria in his mouth and throat. That means walking him on the lead. No games of fetch. No tug-o-war. Basically everything Alfie loves, he’s was all of a sudden not allowed to do.

And of course he wasn’t feeling too good.  In addition to that we bought him a harness to avoid any pressure on his throat. He hated the harness and it made him walk as stiffly as an eighty year old man. As if that wasn’t bad enough, its been raining for two days in a row and he hates going walkies in the rain.

See where I’m going with this? Alfie was recovering well and was happy and bouncy indoors, just being his usual happy self. But he was not keen to leave the house, and we had to lure him with treats to make him step outside which is very unlike him.

Not going outCalling a Cab Home

I took him for  a walk to our local pet store yesterday so he could sniff around and have some safe fun without going to the park. On our way back home he started lagging behind, walking close to the buildings and eventually he snuck into a doorway and refused to move.

The wound in his throat makes him drool a bit more than normal, but all of a sudden he was drooling like crazy and just looked at me with his big sad eyes. I tried luring him out with treats, but he wasn’t moving. So I panicked and called hubby who of course couldn’t do anything because he was at work. Then I called a cab and luckily they agreed to take us both home in the car.

Back Home

As soon as we got home and the harness came off, Alfie was happy and bouncy again – just like normal.  So weird. After a long discussion later in the evening hubby and I concluded that he had probably started to associate going out in the harness with being in pain and feeling miserable – the drooling could have been because of pain in his throat or stress. It almost seemed like some sort of induced agoraphobia. It also didn’t help that we had just lowered his pain medication earlier that day.

So what to do? No way we could continue like this – if we left it any longer he might develop some real issues going outside. I also didn’t feel like getting stranded with a dog refusing to move in the middle of town again.

Back at the beach

Alfie’s Happy Place

We decided to increase the painkiller dose again to make sure he was definitely not in pain and I took Alfie to his happy place for his walk today. The beach. The sunny beach. No harness. And oh boy did his eyes light up when he smelled the sea and felt the wind in his fur. He was allowed to run off lead for a while and I have never seen a happier dog. I didn’t see any signs of him being in pain and it was great to see him bounce back to enjoying his walkies again, even though we didn’t go to the water but stayed on the path that runs along the beach.

Seriously though – the clever pup hadn’t learned much from his experience though and tried to grab a couple of sticks from the ground – but  (I know his dog trainer is reading this) you will be pleased to hear that his ‘leave it’ and ‘drop’ commands are very reliable. I bet he can’t wait for a good game of fetch though!


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  1. lisa.allshire says

    I am very glad. to hear that Alfie is making a good recovery What an awful accident. . Winston loves stick chasing too. In fact it is his number one favourite activity, but he doesn’t retrieve toys.
    Will have to work on that skill…

    • says

      Thanks so much for stopping by Lisa. Honestly, I had no idea how much nasty damage those sticks could cause so please try and find an alternative toy for your pooch before he hurts himself too. I’ve heard there are lots of safe stick shaped toys out there as a good alternative that he might like?

  2. Inga says

    Good thinking, being in pain stops healing, so stick (uh… :-)…. ) to the full dose of antibiotics a little longer and that will help him get well sooner rather than later. He sure looks like a happy camper again, on that beach, and in the sun!!
    The slight risk of picking up some bad germ does outweigh the chance of him experiencing some lasting side effects due to feeling as miserable as he obviously did when wearing the harness.
    Just make sure that he hears “leave it!!” before he even thinks about picking up anything… ;-))

    • says

      Yeah, he will take the full course of antibiotics of course, and we’ll keep him on the painkillers until we know for sure that he is nolonger in pain. It was so obvious that half an hour on the beach did miracles to his well being though :-)

      • Inga says

        Ah, I meant full dose of painkillers of course – stupid me.
        I bet it made you feel a whole lot better seeing him feeling so much better!! :)
        Have a wonderful, hopefully sunny, weekend!

  3. says

    Poor guy…how scary that he punctured his tongue with a stick. :-(
    So sorry that he is still stressed and maybe associating his harness with the incident. I hope he gets over that soon, maybe once he’s feeling a hundred percent the memory will fade. Glad he had a fun time at the beach and he’s not upset on every outing. That’s a good sign!

    • says

      P.S. Good thinking with the cab. Two of mine are too heavy for me to carry and I always worry what I might do if something happened and I was out on a walk with them. I will file the cab idea away for a good idea that I hope I never have to use. :-)

  4. says

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on your original post, but I had wanted to say that I am so happy that Alfie is going to be OK. Good to read here that he seems to be recovering well, and I hope that continues. It must have been so scary for a while and so stressful for you to see him in pain and not acting like himself. It’s hard to find the balance between keeping him safe and letting him be himself too, but I think you’ve got it pretty well figured out.

    • says

      Nothing worse than seeing your best buddy suffer and you’re not sure what’s troubling them. He’s in good spirits now and the pain seems to be gone too.

  5. Jodi says

    I just stopped by to thank you for joining the blog hop and had to back track to read about the stick incident. Wow! You must have been terrified! That is something I’ve never heard or thought of. We don’t typically play with sticks but Delilah really loves to water fetch and truth be told, when I’ve nothing else to throw I have indeed used a stick. :-( I will make sure to always carry a bumper with me going forward.

    I’m glad to read that he is feeling a bit better. Sampson is having a fatty lump removed which will keep him from running for a bit of time, so his off-lease walking will stop. To that end I’ve been working more with him and doing at least a part of his daily walk on a leash so when the time comes he will not be too miserable. I think I’ll try him on a harness too, just in case. :-)

    Soooo, thank you for joining the blog hop and I’m glad to hear that Alfie is feeling better! Time now for mom to take a deep breath. :-)

    • says

      Thank so much for stopping by Jodi. It was a truly terrifying experience, so I would definitely recommend you try and find an alternative toy for Delilah to play with in the water. Alfie used to have a floating Kong Wobba that he loved – might be worth checking out? Best of luck ahead of Sampson’s operation and I hope he won’t feel too miserable afterwards! :-)

  6. says

    Oh Alfie,

    So happy to hear you’re on the mend! I love my harness, has your Mum tried leaving it on in the house for a little bit while you get used to it?

    Take it easy with those sticks buddy!

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

    • says

      Alfie has already managed to convince us to leave the harness at home – we’re using his lead to make a sort of loop around his chest so there’s no pressure on his throat (we have one of those long training leads with extra loops) …

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