A puppy’s view on crate sizes


I took my humans to the pet shop on Sunday. Actually it wasn’t quite that easy, first I had to spend all morning complaining about my crate, describing in detail how much I hate it because it is too small and how their bed looks so much more comfortable. They weren’t listening of course – perhaps I had overplayed the crate card a little the nights before,  refusing to go in there and trying to dig my way out.

Anyway, it wasn’t until I stuck my nose into the ‘cupboard of no return’ where my humans keep everything from the tool box to winter shoes that the idea struck me. I need to measure the size of my crate and then myself from nose to tail and then they will have to see my point and listen to me! I dug out the measuring tape from the cupboard and sure enough, the crate wasn’t much longer than me – or in other words, if I weren’t laying on the diagonal, my nose would actually hit the bars! I howled to get their attention and when they saw the measuring tape they knew they had no choice but to take me to the pet supermarket.

There was so much to look at in the shop that I got slightly distracted – I found a whole stack of boxes containing nothing less than pigs ears. There were toys everywhere and even guinea pigs- It was dogs heaven. I even found a member of staff who knew about Entlebucher Mountain Dogs - trust me that doesn’t happen every day!Dog in pet store sniffing pigs ears

Finding my perfect big crate

I was very impressed with the shop my humans had found and gave them my approval for buying my new crate there. They started looking at a medium sized dog crate, which was suitable for Beagles and Springer spaniels.

I put my paw down quite firmly at that point and demanded they upgrade me to at least a large size crate – just because Labradors and German Shepherds have longer legs than me, I don’t think they actually have longer bodies.

Luckily another human bought the last medium sized crate as we were arguing, and I ended up getting the larger sized crate with a super comfy mattress. I think my humans might have to buy a bigger house next!

I have also spent some more time thinking about my photo challenge and have decided to kick it off this Friday! But I need your help coming up with a good name for it – It will be a weekly photo challenge taking place every Friday. All I need is a nice catchy name – suggestions anyone?

Pet store parking




    • says

      Superb – I could even combine it with ‘Spencer Entlebucher’s’ suggestion on Facebook: ‘FFF’ Friday Foto Fun! :o)

      Still taking ideas from everyone else :-)

  1. Inga says

    I have been looking into the Photo Challenge project, and if I understand it correctly, you have to follow a list of subject matters every day? But you’ll be participating on a weekly basis rather than daily? Smart thinking, ’cause I think it really is a challenge to think of a good way to translate the assignment into a photo and then find opportunity for the actual photo shoot as well…
    As for the name: couldn’t think of anything better than FFF – or rather ‘Alfie’s FFF’?

    Ps. Glad you got that big crate!

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