A puppy’s view on barking at everything


As an adolescent Entlebucher puppy I find it is important to speak my mind. After all, I am part of the family so my opinion should count too. I’m also growing to love the sound of my own voice. Its like I can’t get enough of hearing my deep bark – I do sound like a much bigger dog and my barking could easily pass for a Rottweiler.

This week I’ve practiced telling people a thing or two. I’ve barked at strangers on the bus, I’ve barked at people who won’t stroke me, I even bark at food that doesnt taste as good as I would have wanted it to. My humans are not impressed. It seems as though they prefer me to be quiet and just do what I’m told, which makes me want to bark even more.

I do have a mind of my own and I like to use it. Last night for example, my humans had fired up the barbeque and I loved how all the wonderful sausages and burgers were presented at just the right height for me to pick them up. Noone had told me just how hot the meat would get though, so after having my whiskers singed  I told the sausages exactly what I thought about their hospitality. After that I though it would be safest to settle down and guard them in case they might roll off the BBQ.

Dog starring at sausages on barbeque, BBQ



  1. Inga says

    So that’s another lesson learned…… ;-)
    Smart thinking, to keep a distance and watch the food instead!!
    Did it pay off? Did you get to eat one of those yummy sausages in the end?!?

  2. says

    We once had an Old English Sheepdog. One day she barked and the voice that came out was a big dog bark and not a puppy yap.

    it really scared her because she didn’t know where that fearsome bark had come from. Finally she ventured another bark and realized it had come from her.

    She practiced the big dog bark for a week, driving us all crazy until she finally got tired of doing it so much.

    • says

      That happened to me the first time I barked too – but I’m loving my own voice too much for stopping now! My humans are not as impressed :-)

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