A puppy’s Smokey Rescue Mission


Humans can be so ungrateful sometimes. Take yesterday for example. My humans had gathered a big pack of friends and they were relaxing in the sunshine with a beer or two. I was resting in the shade, supervising the activities whilst gnawing a marrow bone. Suddenly something shiny and white caught … [Read more...]

Hot, hot, hot

Entlebucher Mountain Dog Running Alfies Blog

How can it be so hot in April already? My black coat gets heated up in notime and I can only play with one, maybe two dogs before I have to break for a drink and rest in the shade. The mud has dried up as well so there is no real escape. I'm wondering if you can get baseball caps for dogs - if you … [Read more...]

A puppy’s view on crate sizes

photo 2-11

I took my humans to the pet shop on Sunday. Actually it wasn't quite that easy, first I had to spend all morning complaining about my crate, describing in detail how much I hate it because it is too small and how their bed looks so much more comfortable. They weren't listening of course - perhaps I … [Read more...]

Up for a photo challenge?


Last night I had the most amazing idea. I was half asleep on the cow hide in our living room, the humans were watching TV and everything was peaceful. Then, suddenly they changed channels and there it was – a dog on TV! It was a still image of what looked like a really cute staffie bitch, and … [Read more...]

Celebrating a Dog’s Birthday in style

Archie Dog Birthday cake

I went to my very first dog birthday party today. My friend Archie turned 1 and threw his party at the Windmill Cafe in Wimbledon Park. Some of my best friends were invited and I met some new buddies too. We spent some time sniffing each other's butts and wrestling, before getting on to the more … [Read more...]