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Views, mud and a tennis ball or two

Rooo I've joined a pawsome dog walking group here in San Francisco and on Saturday all eight dogs and our humans set off to explore the Presidio park. We had such a tail wagging time - and found mud, tennis balls to play with and views to take in.   As you can see in the picture my new buddy Sabrina and I have a shared interest in tennis balls, and we spent the … [Read More...]


Finally, an indoor toilet!

Roooo we've had nearly a whole week of rain here in San Francisco. It's all good for the drought, but my Entle paws don't like trodding on wet ground (unless of … [Read More...]


A Pawsome Sleepover

Rooo you will never believe what just happened. I invited a girl dog for a sleepover at my place! And not just any girl - it was my Entlebucher friend Brise. We had … [Read More...]

Training Agility & Learning Pawsome Tricks

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